Goodreads vs. The StoryGraph – My Thoughts After a Year of Using Both

A great breakdown on Storygraph vs. GoodReads. I am not fully on board with SG because of the points made here.

Adventures of a Bibliophile

We are all familiar with Goodreads – the social media platform that is all about books. I have been a member for over a decade and have been using it consistently for about six years. For a long time, Goodreads was kind of the only space for all of us book nerds to go and discuss reading. (I know there were others, but no where near the scale of Goodreads.)

But at the end of 2020, I started hearing about an emerging challenger to Goodreads: The StoryGraph. Goodreads is definitely not without it’s problems, and I was constantly seeing people talk about things they didn’t like or were frustrated with, but because there wasn’t a lot of competition, I feel like Goodreads wasn’t too concerned about improving their site.

So, about a year ago, I signed up for The StoryGraph. There was a lot of hype surrounding it as a…

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